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About Travels with Fortuna

Fortuna with her cornucopia of plenty and rudder to steer fate. Vatican collection. Photo: Wikipedia
The beginnings of this website are the culmination of years of travel notes, memos and jottings, and the growing feeling that I would like to share my stories and observations of the landscapes I travel through, the characters I meet and the festivities and rituals I seek out and witness.

I have been travelling since I was a teenager, and it has become a kind of passion. I have travelled on five continents, and many more travels are planned or envisaged. There is so much to see and experience that I canít imagine ever stopping.

I am going to write regularly (several times a week) and share tales and images of the people I meet, the sights I see and the stories that I hear.

A place my family and I are drawn to again and again is Japan, and so that beautiful, beguiling country will be over-represented in my travel stories. When not travelling, our home base is a little beyond London, so this area may also feature disproportionately. I travel with my family, so you will hear tell of my husband and children.

And why the name Travels with Fortuna? Fortuna was the Roman goddess of luck and good fortune. More than this, in her aspect as Fortuna Redux she was responsible for safe homecomings. Who then wouldn't want to travel with Fortuna?

I hope you will enjoy this website and journey with me to some wonderful places around the world.

Lucy Hornberger

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